"A to Z"




Based out of brooklyn, ny...

Jordan depaul  is a folk artist who continues to push the boundaries of the genre. Blending his lyrical honesty with his love for pop music, his songs will make your heart pound in more ways than one.

   DePaul had plans to move to Nashville in 2009, right after the passing of his father, but didn't make the move until 2013. "The first couple of months in Nashville were tough," exclaims DePaul, reminiscing back to the nights he would play anywhere he could. "No one knew who I was, and I didn't know anyone, so if I could play one song at 2am, I would." DePaul recalls that being where things began to snowball. But it wasn't until his 2016 release, "Forces," that he began garnering some real attention. "Brighter Shade of Blue," the most popular single from the EP in terms of streaming, has racked upwards of 1,500,000 plays on Spotify.

   Since his last release, Jordan has been focusing on what he describes as "working on what I want to give to people. I want to write songs I don't know how I lived without before and hope that listeners feel the same way about them." After touring over 60,000 miles in 2016, DePaul is devoting a majority of 2017 to writing and recording his forthcoming full-length record (produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Mitch Dane). The first single, "Sleepwalker," is slated for a July 14th, 2017 release.